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Antiques Roadshow Appraiser?

Scott Hartis

Real estate is in his blood. Scott grew up around construction and real estate at an early age...

Real estate is in his blood. Scott grew up around construction and real estate at an early age...

Jan 24 3 minutes read

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Have you ever seen the show Antiques Roadshow? If you haven't, the premise of the show is that antique appraisers travel around to various areas and bring in locals, who have antiques and wonder what the antiques are worth. The antique appraisers give the locals an instant appraisal and usually the local is completely shocked at the value, because it is worth a lot more than they expected.

Well, I felt a lot like one of those appraisers this past month. I had a friend and now client, call me to tell me he wanted to sell his house. I asked him what he thought it was worth and he estimated it to be worth around $150,000. (I like to ask this question, just to see if my seller clients have kept an eye on their neighborhood sales.) After meeting him and looking at the house, I actually thought the house was worth a lot more! That house ended up closing at $201,000 yesterday and my client was very pleasantly surprised.

Even better was the fact that this seller didn't have to make any repairs and we sold the house "as-is" to an investor. Before meeting with me, my client thought he was going to need to do some repairs to get the house "market ready." After looking at the house, I told him I thought the eventual buyer would be either an investor or someone wanting to get into Midwood, but still wanting to be able to update the house to their preferences. So, that was exactly how we marketed it and he didn't make any repairs, to get it market ready.

What were the results of our marketing?

     ✔️ 28 showing requests within 24 hours of hitting the market
     ✔️ 7 offers (two were cash buyers)
     ✔️ Closing within 3 weeks.

If you're considering selling your property, I can't stress enough, the importance of talking to a professional. My client in the example above could have spent thousands to get his house "market ready" and he would have wasted that money. Instead, he took my advice and not only didn't waste that money, he made more money than he thought was possible.

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