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How to Contest Your New Tax Value in Mecklenburg County

Scott Hartis

Real estate is in his blood. Scott grew up around construction and real estate at an early age...

Real estate is in his blood. Scott grew up around construction and real estate at an early age...

Jan 25 2 minutes read

It's been years since the last Mecklenburg County property tax assessment. Since the last one, the Charlotte real estate market has been moving at a rapid pace and property values have increased. If you've sold in the past two or three years, you've probably benefited from the robust market we are in, with some hefty increases in property appreciation. The downside of this is that eventually the city tax office is going to want to capitalize on these increases in property values, by collecting more taxes.

So, in Mecklenburg County, properties were just reassessed. If you haven't yet looked your new value up, you can follow this link to see how your property value changed (according to Mecklenburg County's Tax Assessor office). If your assessed value has increased substantially and you think that your property is actually worth less than what the assessor's office says it is, you can appeal that value.

Here is the link with specific instructions on exactly how to appeal it. It's going to take some work on your part, but it could be worth thousands in tax bill savings, if you are able to successfully appeal it.

Here is a list of items that can help plead your case:
✅Appraisals of the property
✅Comparable sales of other like property
✅Statements of income and expenses for income-producing property
✅Replacement or reproduction costs.

If you do decide to appeal your recent tax value, make sure you follow the instructions at the link above, to ensure you are following the process correctly.

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