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Is this really the best restaurant in Dilworth?

Scott Hartis

Real estate is in his blood. Scott grew up around construction and real estate at an early age...

Real estate is in his blood. Scott grew up around construction and real estate at an early age...

Jan 24 3 minutes read

I don't know if it has been ranked anywhere on one of the many "list" websites that Charlotte has, but The Mayobird/The Summit Room are definitely one of my favs in Dilworth. Okay, so I cheated. That is two restaurants! The reason is that both of these restaurants have the same owner, and somewhat share space. 

The Mayobird and Summit Room make up the space on East Blvd., that use to be home to a Caribou coffee on one side, and a Bruegger's Bagel, on the other side. Now, the Mayobird is housed on the old Caribou side of the space and The Mayobird covers the side that used to be occupied by Brueggers. When the Mayobird is open, you order on that side, but can sit either on that side or on the Summit Room side. Then, when the Summit Room is open, you can sit on either side of the restaurant space.

So, why do I think these two are so great? Well, at Mayobird, you can get something fast casual, that is also healthy and delicious! Their claim to fame is their Chicken Salad and they actually have fifteen (yes, you read that right) different types of Chicken Salad. My favorites are "the Nuts & Berries" (almonds and cranberries), "the Harvest" (apples, grapes, and pecans), and "the Vinnie" (balsamic vinaigrette & parmesan). I know they might sound a little strange, but they are all delicious!

Mayobird also offers breakfast and coffees, made to order. With breakfast, some of my favorites are their "breakfast stack" (think healthy Egg McMuffin), and the "Frittata cup" (kale and goat cheese crustless quiche).

With the Summit Room, the food is "Southern Inspired", but also still relatively healthy. They concentrate on using locally sourced and sustainable foods. 

One other thing that I love about The Summit Room, is the drink board. Pictured below, it is a board, where you can buy a drink for someone, and they'll add it to the board. So, you are "paying it forward" on a drink to a friend. Then, the next time your friend visits, they can drink, the drink that you bought for them previously!

The Mayobird is open for breakfast and lunch (7 a.m. - 4 p.m.). The Summit Room is open for dinner (5 p.m. - until). 

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