More Exposure = More Potential Buyers 

When the market is active like it is, it can be easy for real estate agents to do the bare minimum, to market your house. That may include cell phone photos of your house, or maybe the agent splurges for professional photos. Maybe they even include video.

However, no matter what the market conditions are, the more exposure you can get on your house, the more potential buyers will be interested. With that, we don't believe in doing the bare minimum. You are hiring us to market your home professionally, and that is exactly what we do.

One of the methods we use for getting your home in front of as many potential buyers as possible, is immersive 3D home tours.  Below, you'll see a screen capture of one of our immersive 3D tours. With these, a potential buyer can actually click on various places in a "live" tour, and walk through your house. 

Why Immersive 3D Tours? 

There are numerous reasons we invest in this technology to market your home professionally. Here are a few of them:

  • Worldwide Open House - why not expose your house, to the entire world, when you are selling it? More eyes on your home means more potential buyers. There are so many people from across the world that are discovering what a great city Charlotte is, and businesses are relocating here regularly. These tours allow someone from anywhere in the world, to see your house, from their location.
  • Shorter Showings - if you have pets and/or children, you are likely worried what you'll do with them for showings. Using the immersive 3D tours, buyers can visit your house virtually and get a good idea of the layout, before an in person visit. So, when they do visit, they don't have to spend as long at your house. Which means less time for you, your pets, and your children to have to be away from the house, during showings.
  • More Serious Buyers - it can be really frustrating to have an in person showing scheduled, get all of your things packed up to leave the house, only to find out after the buyer visited, they didn't really like the layout of your house. Or they didn't like the size of a specific room. With immersive 3D tours, those "bad showings" are almost non-existent. Because potential buyers get a chance to virtually walk-through your house, to see if the layout works for them. They can also see the scale of rooms better in one of these tours, than if they are looking at still photos.


When You Are Selling, You Deserve the Best Marketing

So, take advantage of our 3D immersive home tours, professional video, professional photos, professional floor plans, social media marketing, and more.

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